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2014 Battle of the Paddle Results

October 6th, 2014

















2014 Battle of the Paddle RESULTS: Men’s Distance Race Top 50

1 Danny Ching 1:17:35
2 Travis Grant 1:18:15
3 Beau O’Brian 1:19:12
4 Georges Cronsteadt 1:19:14
5 Chase Kosterlitz 1:19:32
6 Fernando Stalla 1:19:43
7 Eric Terrien 1:19:44
8 Titouan Puyo 1:19:45
9 Mo Freitas 1:19:55
10 Martin Letourneur

2014 Battle of the Paddle RESULTS: Women’s Elite Distance Race

1 Lina Augaitis 1:26:07
2 Annabel Anderson 1:27:00
3 Fiona Wylde 1:28:06
4 Sonni Hönscheid 1:28:20
5 Shae Foudy 1:29:16
6 Shannon Bell 1:31:11
7 April Zilg 1:32:55
8 Sondra Purser 1:34:47
9 Kelsa Gabehart 1:34:56
10 Celine Guesdon

2014 Battle of the Paddle RESULTS: Men’s Elite Race Final

1 Kai Lenny 0:41:41
2 Jake Jensen 0:41:50
3 Danny Ching 0:41:54
4 Lincoln Dews 0:42:24
5 Connor Baxter 0:42:27
6 Mo Freitas 0:42:28
7 Kelly Margetts 0:42:31
8 Eric Terrien 0:42:32
9 Slater Trout 0:43:00
10 Jayden Jensen 0:43:19

2014 Battle of the Paddle RESULTS: Women’s Elite Race Final

1 Candice Appleby 0:46:55
2 Lina Augaitis 0:47:23
3 Annabel Anderson * 0:48:22
4 Fiona Wylde 0:49:36
5 Jenny Kalmbach 0:50:18
6 Angela Jackson 0:50:19
7 Karla Gilbert 0:50:39
8 Sonni Hönscheid * 0:51:02
9 Sondra Purser 0:51:12
10 Talia Decoite 0:51:15

7th Annual Battle Of The Paddle

September 11th, 2014

Battle of the Paddle draws near
Salt Creek Beach October 4th & 5th:
  • Free Parking at Salt Creek, The Strand and Dana Hills High School.
  • Bus shuttles constantly operating between lots.
  • Board Corral – 24 hour security for your race board – Friday (drop-off) & Saturday night.
  • Beautiful and magnificent setting for championship SUP & paddleboard racing.
  • New & exciting race courses from the point at Salt Creek.
  • Updated action packed schedule (see below).
  • Addition of prone paddleboard category- Saturday championship race and Sunday distance race.
  • Saturday Prone Paddleboard Race Prize money
  •  Men: 1st $1000, 2nd $750, 3rd $500. Women: 1st $750, 2nd $500, 3rd $250
  • Prone Paddleboard Race on the “Elite Course”
  • Grand SUP Expo.
  • Kona Brewing Beer Garden.
  • KIND morning yoga sessions with Gerry Lopez.
  • Board transportation down to Salt Creek beach.
  • Plenty of parking and shuttles to get you to the event site.
  • Kids SUP Races and Kids Zone.
  • Delicious food & drink vendors.
  • Live music and dance entertainment.
  • Event proceeds go to local charitable organizations via Rainbow Sandals Foundation

See you at Salt Creek!


Sparky, Gerry, Pat & Barrett

Kai Lenny brings home the Elite Race win in 2013



2014 Battle of the Paddle Expo

Expand your market share and increase your sales by exhibiting at the Rainbow Sandals Battle of the Paddle SUP Expo. A vital component to the Battle of the Paddle, is the one-of-a-kind expo, that offers exhibitors an unparalleled chance to directly market to today’s fastest growing outdoor sports segment.

Download SUP Expo Registration Form



Racers and spectators will be looking for the latest SUP innovations and designs. At the last year’s Battle of the Paddle there were over 1275 competitors, 110 exhibitors and several thousand spectators. For this year’s event we are expecting even bigger numbers.


The unique format of the SUP Expo will offer a near shore set-up area (Ocean Front and Beach – Expo A). Exhibitors can go one-on-one with the public offering instruction, information, and samples on all their goods. Centering the Ocean Front & Expo A area will be the Rainbow Sandals event stage & race chute. This area will be ground zero for announcements, live music and entertainment.

All exhibitors can sale and market items at the Salt Creek Beach event site. Any exhibitor selling food and/or beverage is required to have an OC Health

The unique format of the SUP Expo will offer a near shore set-up area (Ocean Front and Beach – Expo A). Exhibitors can go one-on-one with the public offering instruction, information, and samples on all their goods. Centering the Ocean Front & Expo A area will be the Rainbow Sandals event stage & race chute. This area will be ground zero for announcements, live music and entertainment.


Registration deadline is Sept. 5, 2014


For more information: 


The Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle
Salt Creek Beach, Dana Point, CA
October 4 & 5, 2014




Saturday October 4

(High tide @ 6:51am 4.7, Low tide @ 12:36pm 1.5)

7:30am       Event Registration Open

8:00am       Live Hawaiian Music

8:30am       Kind Yoga Session & Breakfast with Gerry Lopez

9:00am       National Anthem

9:45am       Hawaiian Blessing

9:00am       Expo & Kid’s Zone Open

10:00am     Elite Race Qualifying Heat #1 (Men)

11:00am     Elite Race Qualifying Heat #2 (Men)

12:00pm     Open Age-Group Race

UL @ 11:30am

14″ @ 11:32am,

12’6″ @ 11:34am,

Surfboard @ 11:36am

1:30pm       “Hitia O Te Ra” Tahitian Dance Show

2:00pm       Prone Paddleboard Race (Men & Women)

3:00pm      Elite Race Final – Wahine

4:00pm       Elite Race Final – Men

4:45pm       Live music5:15pm       Awards ceremony


Sunday September 29

(high tide @ 7:26am 5.2, Low tide @ 1:27pm 0.8)

7:30am       Event Registration Open

8:00am       Kind Yoga Session & Breakfast with Gerry Lopez

8:00am       Live Hawaiian Music

9:00am       Expo & Kid’s Zone Open

9:00am       The Distance Race

SUP: UL @ 9:00 am, 9:02am, 14″ @ 9:04am, 12’6″ @ 9:06 amPaddleboard: UL @ 9:08am, 14′ @ 9:10am, 12′ @ 9:12am

12:15pm     Kid’s SUP Race – 8 & under

12:30pm     Kid’s SUP Race – ages 9 thru 11.

12:45pm     Kid’s SUP Race – ages 12 thru 14.

1:15pm       Kid’s Sup Relays

1:45pm       Open SUP Relays

2:30pm       Elite SUP Relays

3:30pm       Live Music

4:00pm       Awards Ceremony  

Event Information


(San Clemente, CA)-Rainbow® Sandals and Gerry Lopez is proud to announce the Battle of the Paddle event October 4 & 5, 2014 at Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point, California.


Our new Salt Creek Beach event location is a magnificent and incredible site to showcase the skills of the world’s greatest SUPers, as well as, offer a great venue for lovers and enthusiasts of all paddleboard sports. Its unique geography and powerful left hand point break wave creates a natural stadium arena for exciting paddleboard races starts, transitions and finishes. The ocean water quality and views offshore are simply amazing and offer beautiful California coastal landscapes against a pristine marine environment.


Paddlers should be ready for new and technically challenging courses through the surf at Salt Creek beach. Race safety is paramount and personal floatation devices (PFD) are required for the Distance Race and Kids Races. Depending on conditions, board leashes and helmets should be considered and are recommended for all races.


New this year is the addition of prone paddleboard category. Championship trophies and prize money will be on offer for the Prone Paddleboard Race on Saturday afternoon (12’0 stock men & women). For Sunday’s Distance Race, 12’0 stock, 14′ and unlimited (UL) are the available paddleboard craft trophy categories.


The Battle of the Paddle will continue to host a grand SUP expo, awesome Kona Brewing beer garden, great viewing areas, Kids Races and Kids Zone, yoga area, as well as, other fun activities. Also available is plenty of parking and coordinated event services including board transportation down to the race site & overnight storage at Salt Creek Beach.


Rainbow Sandals is going all out to make the Battle of the Paddle at Salt Creek Beach its best event ever.

Sponsors & Friends

The 2014 Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle is proudly sponsored by: Kona Brewing Company, Riviera PaddleSurf, Dana Point Resorts, Go Pro, Maui Jim Sunglasses, Tommy Bahama, Patagonia, Hobie Surf Shop, Duke’s Restaurant, Northern Trust, City of Dana Point, Waikoko, Kind Bar, and Flips. The Rainbow Sandals Battle of the Paddle supports the 5th Marine Regiment Support Group of Dana Point, Ocean institute and the OC Parks.




Elite Race (Saturday October 4)

This year there will be heats & finals for the Men’s Elite Race only. Men Elite Racers will compete in the morning heats and ride 12’6 and under race boards. The top 50% finishers in the morning heats will advance to the afternoon finals.


The Women’s Elite Race will run as a final in the afternoon session.


The Elite Race will feature the world’s best SUP racers including prior champions Kai Lenny (HI), Danny Ching (Redondo Beach, CA) and Conner Baxter (Maui, HI). In the women’s category, expect to see past champions Anabel Anderson (New Zealand), Candice Appleby (San Clemente, CA) and Jenny Kalmbach (Kona, HI) battling it out for the Elite Race title. Except loads of excitement, thrills and spills as the top paddlers put it all on the line for cash & glory.


The course at Salt Creek Beach will be a multiple lap circuit that includes paddling through the surf and beaching equipment for a short, flagged sand run (multiple laps approximately 4 miles).


2013 Rainbow Sandals Battle of the Paddle Elite Race Champions: Kai Lenny, Maui, HI & Anabel Anderson, New Zealand.

Prone Paddleboard Race: (Saturday October 4)

Prone paddleboard dedicated championship race to take place on the famed Elite Race course. Competing on 12’0 stock paddleboards, both men & women will take on the multi-lap course including run transitions towards an exciting finish and cash prizes. Expect spills and thrills and the start of a great new championship race at the Battle of the Paddle.


Open Age-Group Race: (Saturday October 4)

Open to everyone! The course is a friendly, fun and challenging four-mile paddle. Entrants can race on any board of their choosing, including surfboard class, 12’6! and 14″. You can expect a Guinness World Record number of entries as last year’s race of 476 participants set the record! Don’t miss out on being a part of Battle of the Paddle history.


SUP Distance Race: (Sunday October 5)

Elevated to championship status last year, the Distance Race will have an Elite Class (14’0 for both men & women) competing for cash prizes. Racers can also enter in their age-group categories in the 12’6, 14′ and unlimited classes. Also, racers can enter multi-person craft class too.


The Distance Race course is a scenic but challenging approximately 10 mile two (2) lap circuit course from Salt Creek Beach to San Juan Rocks and back. Safety is paramount and all racers are reminded that they must have a personal floatation device (PFD) as well as ample water (hydration) to participate. PFD’s are mandatory and required by the United States Coast Guard and the Orange County Lifeguards.


Paddleboard Distance Race (Sunday October 5)

Prone paddleboard racers can compete in their own category on the beautiful Salt Creek Distance Race course. Trophy classes include 12’0 stock, 14′ and unlimited (UL) categories (both men & women). Age group categories include Open, Junior (18 & under), Senior (40-54) and Master (55 & over) – both men & women.

Kid’s SUP Races

Is your kid an experienced SUP racer? Enter them into the Battle of the Paddle Kid’s SUP Races. Skill level intermediate to advanced. Race course approximately 500-1000 meters.


Wearable personal floatation devices are mandatory (PFD). Depending on conditions board leashes and helmets should be considered and are recommended.


2014 at Salt Creek beach:

  • Boys & girls ages (8 & under)
  • Boys & girls ages (9-11)
  • Boys & girls ages (12-14)

Board category:

(11 & under) board category is 11′ & under.

(12 & over) board category 12’6″ & under.



1st, 2nd & 3rd place trophies to boys and girls in the 8 & under, (9-11) and (12-14) age categories.


SUP Relays: (Sunday October 5)

A crowd favorite and super fun event that includes prize money. This year the SUP Relays will have three categories:

  • Kids SUP Relay
  • Open SUP Relay
  • Elite SUP Relay

Recruit some family members, friends or enter a fully sponsored Elite team and give it a go! Each Elite, Open and Kid’s team must have at least one female relay member.


Free SUP Expo (Saturday October 4 & Sunday October 5)

Meet the world’s best makers and manufacturers of SUP equipment, check out their latest designs and innovations and purchase these goods at steep discounts. Naturally there will be demo boards and paddles of all shapes and sizes available for those who want to perfect their stroke or even try SUP for the first time. Over eighty exhibitors scheduled to show this year including new food & drink vendors.


Kona Brewing Beer Garden

Set up at Salt Creek Beach, the beer garden will be open to adults of drinking age (21 & over) from 11:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. both Saturday and Sunday. The Kona Brewing Company is committed to producing, marketing and serving the finest handcrafted beers. There will be live music playing in the beer garden throughout the day.


Whether you’re racing for the prize or just getting started, the Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez’s Battle of the Paddle is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the rich tradition of Southern California’s original surf lifestyle, and the dynamic new surf paddle sport known as SUP.


Entry Information

Everyone who enters The Battle of the Paddle will receive a free pair of Rainbow Sandals, event tee and lunch provided by Duke’s Restaraunt.


Register online ( before Thursday October 2 (midnight) to receive early entry discount.


Register at the Hobie Surf Shop Rainbow Sandals Battle of the Paddle Welcoming Party Friday October 3 between 5:00pm to 9:00pm (Hobie Surf Shop 34174 Pacific Coast Highway, Dana Point, CA 92629) and receive early discount.


Register on-site at Salt Creek Beach – You can easily enter the day of the competition. On-site event registration will start 7:30am both days.



Event parking is available at Salt Creek Beach for $8.00/day. Free event parking is available at The Strands/Selva parking lot and Dana Hills High School. There will be bus shuttles operating to transport participants and spectators to fthe Salt Creek parking lot from both The Strand/Selva & Dana Hills High School parking lots.


About Salt Creek Beach

Salt Creek Beach Park is a popular surfing location. A small, offshore reef creates some of the best left swells along the entire coastline. Swimming, body surfing, sunbathing and tidepool exploration (all tidepool inhabitants are protected) are other beach activities.

Convenience structures include restroom facilities with outside showers and a paved parking area. A beach concession building, open in the spring and summer, offers quick food and beach supplies.


About Dana Point Resorts

Conveniently located halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles in Orange County, Dana Point showcases a breathtaking collection of resort properties with an approachable elegance unique to the Southern California shoreline. Dana Point’s dramatic beauty is complemented by a distinct variety of year-round signature events, as well as boundless ocean experiences along its golden coast. Renowned as the whale watching capital of the world, Dana Point features an abundant marine life and a legendary harbor that opens to an ocean of possibilities.


Rainbow Sandals Foundation

Rainbow Sandals Foundation is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation that is organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes.

The Foundation supports middle school and high school educational and athletic programs, contribute to organizations that provide after school enrichment activities such as the Boys & Girls Club of America and Ocean Institute, provide instruction in the sport of stand up paddle boarding and raises funds for such charitable and educational activities by hosting the Battle of the Paddle event.


For More Information:


Event contact: Barrett Tester, Event Coordinator









For more information:

Barrett Tester, Event Coordinator
Office: (949) 276-4431×216

4th Annual Pacifico Paddle Challenge

September 10th, 2014

Introducing the “CHOKE HOLD” Paddle Handle.

September 8th, 2014

Riviera paddlesurf Paddle Handle

In our quest to innovate, and refine every Riviera Board, Paddle, and Paddling accesory…  We came up with the “CHOKE HOLD”  Paddle Handle…   The Choke Hold is great for those who like to choke down on the paddle in sprints or into the wind for added torque in your stroke.

The “Choke Hold” is easily added to your existing paddle…  The Choke Hold is longer than a typical handle,  So  you can cut below your existing handle and add the new Choke Hold without having to shorten your overall paddle length.

This Handle fits all Riviera SUP paddles excluding the kids models.  This handle will also fit any other brand paddle with a 29mm diameter shaft.

Choke_hold_dimensions_riviera_paddlesurf_large Choke_HoldIMG_4741_grande Choke_HoldIMG_4750_grande

Introducing The RP-17′-CAT Unlimited

June 6th, 2014


The RP-17′-CAT Unlimited has been something we have wanted to build for a few years now.  Although the CAT SUP is nothing new, it is still something you don’t see all the time.   For Questions regarding the RP-17-CAT contact Taylor –


The RP-17 CAT is very efficient, incredibly stable, Tracks straight, and was designed for flatwater.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 10.18.29 AM

The first few SUP Cat’s ever built were made by Ron House in 2007, and we still have them.  See Below…

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 11.56.00 AM

For Questions regarding the RP-17-CAT contact Taylor –

Riviera RP-19.7-UL – AKA The GNARWAHL

June 6th, 2014

Introducing the Riviera RP-19.7-UL (Unlimited)…

Ninteen Feet Seven Inches of Carbon Fiber, EPS Foam,  and Epoxy for when Speed Matters.  Tipping the scales at 25Lbs, the RP-UL is in the running for the fastest SUP on the water.  Look for this Board in the future to be piloted by Rob Rojas and Thomas Maximus…

Rob Rojas, Had this to say of the RP-19.7-UL

“I christen thee “Gnarwahl”. I know the correct spelling is Narwhal but I have my reasons. Many say the Narwhal is the unicorn of the sea, but I say the Unicorn is the Narwhal of fairy tail land. There are children’s books about unicorns but very few about narwhals you know why? Because Narwhals are bada$$!!! Thank you Riviera Paddlesurf for creating “The Gnarwahl.” Unleash your inner DORK!!!”  –  Rob Rojas

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 9.29.31 AM

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 9.29.03 AM

2014 Riviera Raceboards!

March 20th, 2014


“Stop Training! Race Riviera…”

We are very excited about the 2014 line of Raceboards.  We will be offering the RP-12’6″ in 26″& 28″ widths, as well as the RP-14 in 25″ and 27″ widths.

The Riviera Paddlesurf… “RP” Series Raceboards are the product of years of SUP Raceboard Design and Testing.  Believe us when we say “We have tried almost everything”. The ideal blend of Sprint Speed and Glide/Efficiency is what we have been working to achieve, and we are confident that the 2014 RP Series Raceboards do it best…Granted the 2015 RP’s will do it even better, and so on.

To achieve this blend we have developed a rocker that picks up on any trace of bump, and cuts through the water efficiently. The outline spreads water steadily, with efficiency and stability in mind. The mild cockpit area gets your feet closer to the water, for stability, and extra torque in your stroke. Finally, the pronounced spine on the deck Channels water off quickly for a dry, light feel when powering into the chop.
Construction Note:
Performance vs. Durability – It’s a balancing act, and we are weighing in a bit heavier on the performance side of the scale with the RP-Series Raceboards.

Punta Sayulita Longboard & SUP Classic – 2014

March 20th, 2014


Congrats to Riviera team rider Ryan Helm for his performance in both the Surf contest and Races this past weekend in Sayulita, Mexico…  Ryan took second Place in both the Surf Race, and the Distance race on his RP-12’6″ raceboard.   He went on to win the SUP Surf contest on the Double Ended 8′ Door!!!  Way to go Ryan!  Ryan is very passionate about the door design like we are, and we see a bright future for the DOOR…  It enables you to go shorter and narrower than you ever thought possible with no lack of performance.


Ryan and Fernando battling for second place!

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 11.27.16 AM


Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 11.39.03 AM


Resistance Training with Thomas “Maximus” Shahinian

March 20th, 2014

Here’s the the first of a Series of “Training Tips with Thomas Maximus” in the most recent edition of Standup Paddle Magazine currently at Book Stores, Newstands and Paddle Shops.


Riviera Paddlesurf 2014 Catalog

December 24th, 2013

2014 Marks the 7th year of Riviera Paddlesurf, and we finally have enough products to make a full catalog!  Flip through the catalog below or CLICK HERE to download the PDF.